Accessories for your Pets

Our Registered Accessory Creators have a range of fine accessories created specifically for your Virtual Kennel Club Pets. From a ball, to a bowl, from a dog bed to a dog house or a cat tree, they have it all.


Vavoom! is the oldest VKC accessory creator still in business. The store specialises in scripted accessories that interact with your pets.

For example: When you click on a Vavoom! dog bed, the bed will scan for VKC pets in its vicinity and make a list of them in one of those drop down menus. You can then click on the name of the pet that you wish to send to bed. The pet will trot over to the bed, hop onto it, wag, sniff and lie down. The pet will be put into passive mode and will be non-physical making it the ideal place to safely leave your pets while you're away from home or logged out of SL. When you come back later, you can click on the bed and your pet will jump up, come and greet you and be back in active mode ready to explore and play.

You can also get interactive toys that you throw for your pet to fetch, a balloon-bursting game and a selection of "active" toys that interact automatically with your pets. The Vavoom! store even has a pet poseball that will let your pet stand, sit or sleep almost anywhere.

The Perky Puppy and the Clever Kitty

The Perky Puppy and the Clever Kitty store sell lovingly created, quirky toys and accessories. If you're looking for something a little different from the expected, everyday pet toys, this is the place to shop.

How about a hand knitted mouse toy for your kitty, or a colourful rubber pretezel? What about a persniketty snake, a dreidel, a canvas ball or the amazingly named Tessawuffin?